The first proof arrived in a UPS truck. It feels like a book, is heavy like a book, looks like a booka real book–a cover, spine, back cover, ink on paper together making pages.

It’s an actual physical book with my title, The Gene Guillotine; An Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Memoir, on the front and my words on the inside.

I flip to a page and begin reading, the story, the chapters, the memories are all familiar, but on real paper, bound together in this new foreign form. It is the oddest sensation, like it is no longer mine. After many years it is finally a physical reality, existing outside of me, outside of my computer.

When I finally stop staring in awe, I will smell the pages, feel the cover, break the spine searching for errors in hopes of perfecting this creation.

Thank you for your amazing support.

CNN’s “Filling The Blank” airing on February 19th

(Feb. 25, 2011) Newest update- CNN’s documentary is available on Internet! See full update here.


(Feb. 3, 2011) CNN’s Untold Stories will air “Filling The Blank” again on February 19, 2011. Here is the link to the trailer. This information is from their web page that also has new content, extra footage and articles about early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. My aunt, Julie Noonan Lawson and I were quoted in Alzheimer Cluster Sparks Dream of Cure by Felipe Barral. A friend here in the United States was able to watch “Filling The Blank” this past weekend through CNN’s International online streaming.

My manuscript, The Gene Guillotine, has received great feedback from reviewers. This week, I have been navigating technical issues. These technical issues feel like I’m banging my head against the wall. Now, I’m waiting for my editors to review additional formatting edits before it will go back to the book designer for round two of the book formatting.

I underestimated what is involved in self-publishing, I thought the book would be done by now. It’s a full time job. I keep moving forward, unaware of where the end actually lies. Is the light I see the end of the tunnel, or another oasis?