Preview for “Filling The Blank” a CNN Documentary

The trailer to the documentary was released ( It is beautiful, moving, and sad. I am honored to be one person among hundreds involved in this documentary.
I’ve been crying all day. It’s weird to see my teary face on TV, hear the pain in my relatives voices, listen to doctors, and watch other families equally desperate. We are all hoping, praying, exposing ourselves for one thing: A CURE!

Who’s who?
I’m the runner in the beginning, then at 2:37 and 3:22.
My aunt Julie is at 0:15 with my aunt Fran. Fran appears around 90 years old, she was only in her mid-fifties at the time. Julie is also at 3:12.
My uncle Eryc is at 0:26 with my uncle Butch. Like Fran, Butch appears to be in his 90’s, he was 58.
Butch 0.35, 0.49, 3.10
Fran 0.15, 0.20
Family 0.27, 2.45, 3.10, 3.17
Photo of Grandma and Grandpa 3:18
Photo of Mom and Dad 3:20

The Gene Guillotine Update:
Between the tissues, I am working with Terri, a graphic designer, for my publishing company logo; setting up business accounts for my publishing company; deciding on book categories; calculating book price based on wholesale price, discounts, costs, and miscellaneous fees; and purchasing ISBN numbers.
A couple hours ago, I received the first book proof in a digital file. I will look it over, ask for a few alterations, and then have three copies printed and bound like a real book! One for me, one for Amberly, my current editor, and one for Jerry, a new editor I hired today. After their feedback, there will probably be a few more changes. Followed by the first print run.
My tentative hope is to send books to Kickstater backers in the next two weeks. Then release the book to the public in three weeks. However, nothing seems to be as easy, smooth, or fast as my totally inexperienced publishing mind anticipates. I’m like a kid on December 1st asking how long until Christmas. If I ask ten times a day, will it arrive sooner?