105% and First Publicity!

Yippee! Jeanne was the Kickstarter backer who put this project over 100% and 6 more people have backed since then. I think I am still in shock. It hasn’t really sunk in. Thank you everyone! You can support and preorder The Gene Guillotine at Kickstarter.com

I was buying groceries at Safeway when Andy checked his blackberry and said, “100%.”
I stopped swiping my credit card mid-swipe and said, “No way?!? Already?”
He showed me the page.
My eyes popped, “Really?”
“I told you people believe in this project.”

I promptly dialed my siblings to tell them the news. Then celebrated with two family members over a hot mug of Candy Cane tea and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Shelly Pike from North Country Public Radio posted a blog that mentions this book. Thank you Shelly! North Country Public Radio is located in Canton, New York where Shelly and I met at St. Lawrence University. This is the first publicity on my book!