R. Sargent Shriver died today, 1-18-2011

The New York Times has a beautiful tribute to Mr. Shriver.

I love the final quote of the article where Mr. Shriver tells his Yale students, “… look less at yourself and more at each other …”

I hate that we as a nation have lost another person to Alzheimer’s disease, but feel grateful Maria Shriver, Sargent Shriver’s daughter, is an advocate for defeating and teaching about Alzheimer’s. Here is a link from the HBO series, “Grandpa, Do You Know Who I Am?”

Maria, you and your father are admired and respected. I am sorry for your loss, that of your family, and the loss it represents to everyone who has lost or is losing someone to Alzheimer’s disease.

Happy New Year!

It’s announced! * Jan. 29th 2011 *
Save the date to watch CNN’s early-onset Alzheimer’s documentary “Filling The Blank.”

Click here (right side-“On the next episode” of World’s Untold Stories) to view a beautiful picture of Colombia, where many families are active participants in an early-onset Alzheimer’s research study and doctors are committed to finding treatment or a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. My extended family and I were interviewed as part of this documentary.

Additionally, there are only 11 days left to preorder The Gene Guillotine on kickstarter.

Despite being on family vacation, I have continued to prepare for the publication of this book . My family has continued to support my efforts and for that, I am grateful. Now, I leave the computer and join them for a bonfire.

I hope you have a safe and happy new year.


The Gene Guillotine is 77% funded on Kickstarter, only 2 weeks into this project and 23 days to go!

This is totally amazing. Thank you everyone for backing me!


Late last night the front page of the New York Times featured an article titled “Early Tests for Alzheimer’s Pose Diagnosis Dilemma.” The title of the article now appears to be “Tests Detect Alzheimer’s Risks, but Should Patients Be Told?” The comment I submitted to NYT regarding that article is #45.

My goal is to connect with others who are impacted by Alzheimer’s or a genetic disease.

Excitement & Fear

All the excitement is true,
And I’m also fragile.
Hope is heavy and fear creeps up.
This fear-excitement edge.
What am I doing being so open? Even if this seems to be my mission in life,
I don’t have to choose it. I could do anything else.

I hibernate, a mini one… an ostrich’s head buried in the sand, while my body (my website and kickstarter) are prominent displays of my book. I have heard that excitement and fear have the same physical manifestations.

I hesitate to reveal this–I’m supposed to be professional now, showing only confidence and courage.
My crying eyes must be from my “excitement” right? Another tear, another excitement?

Will you feel when you read my book? It’s my story, loaded with my past and triggers instant tears in me, but will it matter to you? It”s the cost-benefit analysis that has no easy answers. Is this ‘stripping’ worth it?

Tenderly, I hold my heart and head, as I continue onward, taking the next most logical step.

I’m honored to have your support.

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