Update on CNN’s “Filling The Blank”

(Feb. 25, 2011) Newest update- CNN’s documentary is available on Internet! See full update here.


Jan. 27, 2011

I have just learned that CNN domestic will NOT air “Filling The Blank” at this time.

I am frustrated and disappointed. However, I have been assured it will still be shown on CNN International and CNN Espanol on January 29, 2011. My Aunt Julie Noonan Lawson reminds me “that our message will still be delivered and after viewing the trailer, it looks like it will be a powerful piece. That is the ultimate goal.” We want to raise awareness about early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

I hope CNN domestic will eventually air this documentary so my friends, backers and supporters here in the United States will also be able to see “Filling The Blank.”

The link to the trailer is: http://edition.cnn.com/video/#/video/international/2011/01/20/wus.filling.blank.preview.cnn?iref=allsearch

Airing times:

CNN International:
Sat 1/29 and 2/12: 8am ET, 4pm ET
Sun 1/30 and 2/13: 7am ET, 9pm ET

CNN en Espanol:
Sat 1/29: 2pm ET, 8pm ET
Sun 1/30: 3am ET, 1pm ET, 7pm ET
Wed 2/2: 7am ET, 1pm ET



  1. Jason Elliott says:

    Very sorry to hear this. Is there someone we can contact to ask that it be shown???

  2. Sorry, Kate. I can feel your disappointment.

  3. Tamie Cluck says:


    I’m so sorry to hear that CNN will not be airing “Filling the Blank” domestically. I did watch the trailer portion and it is very good and informational. I hope that CNN will change their minds and show it. I feel your disappointment as I know how hard you have worked on this. Allow yourself to get mad, but only for a moment, then keep pushing on. Keep doing everything in your power to get this aired and to get your book published, and to make more people aware of the disease in hopes to find a cure. Proud of you Kate!!

  4. I am also disappointed that it will not be aired. I have parents with it, and the trailer looked very interesting. What about making it available for viewing on the internet?

    • Kate Preskenis says:

      Hello Rick,
      CNN International and CNN En Espanol will air it again on Feb. 19th. Last weekend, a friend of mine was able to stream it on CNN International. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’m sorry to hear about your parents, it is never easy.

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