I’ve been so busy this summer that I have spent very little time with family or friends despite my awareness of the importance of relationships and the fragility of life.

The 15th annual Memory Ride was held this summer. It is a bike ride my family, the Noonan’s, started to raise money for Alzheimer’s disease research.

I could not get time off work in the middle of the summer with our limited staff, so I decided I had to make some hard choices. I need more time off to finish the book and be able to participate in future activities like the Memory Ride. I gave notice at my place of employment where I have been waitressing for five years. It was a difficult decision.

Now, I am waitressing at a different restaurant with a much larger staff and have been working a lot to learn their style, the computer system, the menu, the drinks, and the specialty cocktails. Despite having little time off to work on my book, I feel grateful having hope for more time off.

I am also training for the Portland Marathon and ran16 miles on Tuesday. My knees are a bit sore from running up and down hills on paved roads, but the running keeps my head clear. On my next long run– 19 miles– I will stick to the trails.

There are still more text corrections and formatting changes that need to be made in the book. In the next few weeks, I hope to be able to carve more time out of my schedule for the book.

Recent news:

Her Circle e-zine featured a “Q&A with Kate Preskenis, Memoir and Memory” on July 28, 2011.

Minnesota Public Radio invited Dr. Creighton Phelps (the director of the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centers Program at the National Institute on Aging) and me to be guests on Kerri Miller’s Midmorning call-in talk show about early-onset Alzheimer’s disease on August 31, 2011. * This link will bring you to the current show. In the middle of the page is “Program Archive” enter “August 31, 2011” and then click “GO” to listen.*




  1. Hey Kate–great to get the update on this! Sorry to hear about your job change, but best of luck! Take care, tony

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