BBC Radio Interview and “The Story Within: Personal Essays on Genetics and Identity”

The Gene Guillotine has opened many fabulous opportunities. These are the newest. Thank you for your amazing support!

Amy Boesky, Clare Dunsford, Michael Downing and I are part of an interview for BBC Radio 4 with Claudia Hammond about the book titled “The Story Within: Personal Essays on Genetics and Identity” published by The Johns Hopkins University Press.

Amy Boesky asked 17 authors who have a genetic disease in their family to write the chapters of “The Story Within.” I am honored to be included. Chapter 3: Collateral Damage is my contribution. “The Story Within” is a unique, powerful, and moving book. Despite different symptoms of the various diseases, we share many commonalities. I feel connected and understood in ways I have never previously experienced.

This BBC Radio 4, Health Check interview will broadcast Wednesday February 12th, 2014, on the World Service at 20:30 GMT, and at various other times over the next few days.

If you miss it, you can listen online from here:

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